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The Directorate General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission has asked empirica to provide sound, unbiased empirical evidence how the supply and demand for different types of ICT-related skills is evolving in Europe under different socio-economic scenarios.

This will allow the European Commission to prepare targeted policy initiatives and encourage and facilitate the dialogue and cooperation between policy makers and relevant stakeholders at the EU and national levels about the implications and required actions to be taken to address current as well as anticipated skills gaps and shortages and to help reduce innovation skills shortages, gaps and mismatches in Europe.

The work included the development of foresight scenarios, and a forecasting of e-skills demand and supply until 2015 and 2020, a vision report and the development of a policy roadmap for future action in this area.

Our research in this project has shown that Europe is faced with an e-skills gap at different levels which will be widening over the coming years. It is undisputed that a continuation of the existing e-skills gaps and mismatches will threaten Europe’s competitiveness, innovation and job creation capability.