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e-Leadership Skills

Demand will not only focus on workers with ICT-related skills but increasingly also on those who combine ICT related and business skills.  Business people not understanding ICT and ICT people not understanding the business has almost become a stereotype by now. We have seen this leading to failing projects ever so often. Industry urgently needs ‘dual thinkers’: people with a combination of technical skills on the one hand and business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset on the other. Such a required skill set can be described as “e-leadership skills”.

A special focus of the study was on these higher-level innovation skills (also called “e-business skills” or “e-leadership skills”) next to the analysis of the supply-demand developments for ICT practitioner and ICT user skills. The project developed an e-Leadership definition and framework and conducted some first e-Leadership demand and supply estimates.

Europe has several examples of successful multi-stakeholder partnerships that are helping to build a larger supply of e-leaders on the one hand and ICT practitioners on the other. The challenge going forward is one of rapid scaling for which a series of recommendations has been developed.