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In the study empirica had been supported by IDC Europe, a global provider of market intelligence for ICT markets, and INSEAD one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools.

The study team was actively supported by opinion leaders from the key stakeholder communities – from policy, industry, associations, standardisation organisations and academia – who have been actively engaged in the debate on e-skills in recent years. They have discussed and validated the project results and achievements in a serious of workshops. The results of the project together with the recommendations for action towards a ‘European e-leadership skills shared vision and agenda for the future’ have been presented and discussed with almost 200 experts at an international e-leadership conference in February 2013. The experts confirmed the need for the development of a shared vision and European action plan on e-leadership skills. They appreciated and endorsed the above recommendations and encouraged the European Commission, national governments and relevant key stakeholders to quickly become active in implementing these.

Brochure (March 2013)

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Final report (March 2013)

Video (March 2013)

European conference website and presentations (5 February 2013): European e-Leadership Skills Conference

Press release (April 2013)

e-Leadership skills vision report (October 2012)